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160 1970 140996 Jim Hausser
Illinois Tractor has been in the family since it was new. Purchased in July of 1970. - [EDIT]
CA 1952 18496 Dale Palmer
Ohio Used for mowing has a 60" Continental Belton Belly Mower - [EDIT]
WD 1950 WD68230 Benjamin S. Bichsel
Claude,Tx Just purchased my second WD to work large garden/ restore. LP converted with factory wide front. Came with front and rear mounted AC cultivators as well as a 2/14 WD mount moldboard plow. - [EDIT]
WD 1951 77110 Steven Avella
Hardyston, NJ Great tractor, it's used on a regular basis for all aspects of farming... Older restoration but still works and looks great - [EDIT]
WD 1951 95162 J Lesperance Gueph, Ontario Restored in 2015 - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20518 JC
MN original - [EDIT]
D-10 1968 10062 Joseph Benete Jr
Connecticut late '68, still in service, works daily on the farm - [EDIT]
B 1950 106872 Joseph Benete Jr
Connecticut still in service, works daily on the farm, AC sickle-bar and plow - [EDIT]
160 1971 14?279 Steve Holt Iron City, Tn. Just bought this tractor. Was a barn find really good shape. Metal is in great shape. Bought new in Cloverdale, Al. I am the second owner. - [EDIT]
CA 1953 CA235?1 Jim Bonney
Maine 5/2/2018. Purchased used by my Father-in-law about 45 years ago. It has worked around the farm ever since. Due for an engine overhaul. - [EDIT]
D-19 1962 D193883D Jim Bonney
Maine 5/2/18. Purchased used a few years ago. Replaced umbrella seals on injection pump shaft. Works every year during the hay season. - [EDIT]
WC 1935 WC12423 Jim Bonney
Maine 5/2/18. Given to me by a friend who's Grandfather used this tractor on his farm years ago. It is likely going to be "recycled" as it is in poor condition; not running, parts missing and froze up from setting. Cost to even get running will exceed value. - [EDIT]
D-14 - - mike whiting
east arcade ny have a lot of snap coupler equipment to go with it - [EDIT]
C 1947 C49181 Oscar Guenther
Arora MN Almost complete, just needs new air cleaner, carburator, and tin work, but otherwise looking solid, bought as a set of 2 - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24212` David Thompson
Calgary, AB, Canada Series 2, Gas, SC - [EDIT]
WC 1938 WC73123 Unknown Helen, Georgia A landscape feature in front of Betty's IGA market in Helen, Ga. - [EDIT]
C 1941 C3960 Oscar Guenther
Arora MN Poor thing needed rescue from someone that didn't know how to do basic maintenance.....but she runs like a top now! - [EDIT]
WC 1935 11080 Dan Walters
Columbus, IN - [EDIT]
WD 1951 WD111585 Billy Lemley
Lexington North Carolina I just bought the tractor, and I'm just as happy with my tractor as if was a new one. I love these old tractors - [EDIT]
WC 1938 74328 David Sall
Winger MN This is what i believe to be the Last Unstyled Tractor Made that is still around.. I Cannot find 74329 Can anyone help? - [EDIT]

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