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Ain't as bad off as I thought

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Printed Date: 05 Mar 2021 at 4:01am
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Topic: Ain't as bad off as I thought
Posted By: JW in MO
Subject: Ain't as bad off as I thought
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 8:41pm
This'll probably be a long one.
My hearing isn't good, lost a lot of the upper range and hearing aids won't help.  My old cell phone got to where I couldn't hear unless I had the speaker on or my bluetooth in but folks couldn't hear me neither.  Got the new phone and it was no better other than folks could hear me ok, so I pretty much see where this is going as hearing aids won't do me any good.  I ordered a new screen protector back the first of December from Canada but didn't show up till today so I proceed to put it on, now I had left the protective film on the phone that came on it to help keep the scratches off until the screen protector got here.  I didn't notice, that crazy thing had the speaker sealed, I actually had to turn the volume down when I got a phone call later.
My eyes are pretty good but I just can't see very well when I'm welding.  I recently built an iron fence between the house and shop complete with 7ft gate.  The distance was 25ft and and pre-made stuff would only cover 24ft so I bought all the pieces from metal supply and welded it up in the shop.  I was discouraged as some of my welds wandered off as I couldn't see despite using glasses and or cheater lenses in the helmet.  I have several but mostly used my $19 Harbor Freight auto darkening one; I think they are $39 now.  Neighbor's son is a professional welder and has helped me in the past but just had surgery from a work accident so I was on my own.   Almost done, welding the gate hinges on and he shows up, observes my welds and immediately goes home and gets me his "old junker helmet" to use.  I've never used anything like it, it's a Speedglas 9002X with three buttons, shade, speed and ON, and he said it has a grinding setting.  I was blaming it on my old worn out eyes but after using that helmet it not operator error after all.  I could see clearly and the instant you struck the arc it transitioned and no delay, not even like you blinked or anything.  I was blaming my welding on my old worn out eyes but as it turns out it's equipment failure.   I immediately come to the house and looked online,  I found a used one for $500, for that price I'll go back to poke and hope.

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Posted By: Ted J
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 10:28pm
"POKE AND HOPE"  THANKS buddy, that made my day!!!  I'm still giggling!
I know where you're coming from!  When my son ran over my old helmet that I bought back in the 60s, I figured I'd just go out and buy another.......well,,,,,,,,that doesn't work.  They want more for a helmet than I paid for the whole setup years ago.  SHEESHHH
Ahhhh,,what was that you just said??  Seems you're hearing is worse than mine!  And I'm dang near deef....  Maybe we can both go to a class of 'signing'?  Do they have a class of 'Lip reading'?
Speaking of hearing, I was at my grand daughters basket ball game last night and I asked my daughter how come they don't use whistles anymore.......You shudda seen the look I got!!!  I never heard em, the WHOLE game...

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Posted By: Thad in AR.
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 6:07am
For the wife , I tried some sample hearing aids. I could hear better but they seemed hollow or something odd. I donโ€™t want them but may have to give in. Seems to be causing problems at home and at work.
Been welding for years. In the past few years my welds have gone way down hill.
I had a Jackson large window. With good glass I could still see ok. I broke my good glass cleaning it. Bought new and didnโ€™t like it.
Left work one day and left my prize Jackson on top of my truck. I saw it fly off. Destroyed.
Jenny was in the city at the time.
I sent her to the welding supply for a new one.
At the welding supply they did I have the non AD Jackson I wanted.
She came home with a Lincoln Ad that was probably quite expensive.
It took quite a bit to get used to but I can see.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
It stays in a cloth bag in the house.

Posted By: DMiller
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 6:19am
Have found the sensors in the AD hoods deteriorate over time, speed adjust will compensate some and color adjust a little more but after around six to ten years they become cantankerous and need replaced.  I replaced the mechanism in a Hobart hood last year was like a New set of eyes, they do sell SOME inserts for these, increase number of sensors, increase speed and longevity even battery life(Average ONE year) extends.  Have a particular hood I am quite happy with and will not go back to standard hoods.

Posted By: plummerscarin
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 6:51am
Similar story here. My HF helmet was nice and I used many many years but got to where I could not see well. Finally got to the point where the lenses would not darken any more and the batteries are not replaceable. My accountant got me a new one for Christmas. Not from HF. Man what a difference. Can see really well through it.

Posted By: desertjoe
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 9:25am

 Well,,I never use a hood when using the Mig and I prolly SHOULD,,!! I hardly ever use the arc welder any more and have an OLD style hood for it. I just about had decided to get a AD hood at HF but glad I read the post bout the HF AD hoods not having the replaceable batteries. I've always been able to weld pretty decent but also know a good hood will also help.

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